Webinars on Essential Newborn Care

Webinars on Essential Newborn Care 2020-21

WHO-CC AIIMS New Delhi has created new set of webinars on different components of essential newborn care based on current evidence. These webinars would be value addition to learning, if supplemented with skill demonstration. These may be used for flip class teaching by teachers in medical & nursing colleges . Please feel free to address your inputs, comments to ontop.aiims@gmail.com

Dr. Ashok K Deorari

Professor & Head
Department of Pediatrics
AIIMS, New Delhi
Newborn Health in India

Dr. Arti Maria

Professor & Head
Department of Neonatology
ABVIMS and Dr. RML Hospital, New Delhi
Care of normal baby at birth

Ms. Geetanjali Kalyan

National Institute of Nursing Education
PGIMER, Chandigarh
Routine Care of Newborn baby

Dr. Anu Sachdeva

Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
AIIMS, New Delhi
Examination of the Newborn Baby

Dr. Akash Bang

Additional Professor
Department of Pediatrics
AIIMS, New Delhi
Neonatal Resuscitation (I)
Neonatal Resuscitation (II)

Dr. Sindhu Sivanandan

Assistant Professor
Department of Neonatology
Thermal Protection in Neonates

Dr. Suman Rao

Department of Neonatology
St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore
Kangaroo Mother Care

Dr. Srinivas Murki

Chief Neonatologist
Paramita Children Hospital
Feeding of Healthy Newborn babies(I)
Feeding of Healthy Newborn babies(II)

Dr. Mala Kumar

Professor, Department of Pediatrics
King George’s Medical University,
Alternate Methods of Feeding low birth babies

Dr. Deepak Chawla

Department of Neonatology
GMCH, Chandigarh
Management of Low-Birth-Weight babies