Books on NICU care 2010

Books on NICU care

Neonatal Equipment

Everything that you would like to know

Modern day neonatal intensive care necessitates the use of equipment for optimum care of sick newborn babies. Equipment alone, however, does not necessarily improve the care of the high-risk neonates. Availability of space, maintenance of asepsis and presence of adequate nursing staff are important pre-requisites before sophisticated equipment are acquired. Maintenance of the existing equipment is more important than acquisition of new gadgets. We feel that as a pediatrician, it is essential that we are aware about what to buy, where to buy, and how to use the common neonatal equipment. With this aim we are privileged to bring before you, the third edition of most sought after user-friendly book on key neonatal equipment......

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Practical procedures for the Newborn Nursery


Nursing care of the ‘at risk’ and sick neonates requires a complex mix of skills. On the one hand, a stable growing, low birth weight baby requires only basic nursing encompassing warmth, asepsis, spoon or gavage feeding, clinical monitoring and lactation support to the mother. On the other hand critically sick neonates demand sophisticated nursing management including invasive monitoring, ventilation, parenteral nutrition and other life support measures. It is to the credit of the newborn nurses that they are able to master these diverse role, one closer to being a caring mother and the other akin to being a critical care specialist.

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