Research Methodolgy & Thesis Writing Workshops 2008-13


Basic research methodology workshops for young faculty members for improving postgraduate thesis guidance



A thesis is an integral part of postgraduate training in India. This training activity results in huge amount of research work in the country. For example, there would be over 1200 research projects taking place every year in pediatrics alone. Unfortunately, overwhelming majority of them have a poor quality and does not add to the existing knowledge or translate into a meaningful publication. One of the major reasons for this deficiency is poor research skills of the medical faculty, which fail to properly guide the student.


To address the deficiency, WHO CC, AIIMS has been organizing basic research methodology workshops for the young faculty members since 2008. This activity was initially supported by WHO-India office and later by ICMR. The purpose of workshop is to impart basic training and hands-on skills in conducting different kinds of research projects so that the faculty can provide better guidance to their students. The faculty of the workshop has been drawn from academic institutions like AIIMS, PGIMER, SGPGI and others. The target people are the faculty members during their 7 years of career of the institutions running MD or DNB programs. The workshops have been hugely successful. The content and method of teaching have been well appreciated. The WHO CC is in process of converting this content into electronic format including webinars for wider dissemination.


The candidates are selected on the merit for workshops . The HOD has to submit an undertaking that trained faculty members will be provided enough opportunity to utilize their training. Please send the application with the CV to the followings: Prof Ashok Deorari, Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS, New Delhi, tel - 011 - 26593619 email: Dr Ramesh Agarwal, Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS, New Delhi, tel - 011 - 265596167, 9810756718 email:



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