CPAP Workshops - Science, Evidence and Practice 2009-2014


CPAP & Non Invasive Ventilation Workshops - Science, Evidence & Practice



Continuous positive airway pressure is boon for babies with RDS. It is the most effective low cost strategy for reducing mortality and avoiding upward referral to higher center, if used early and in a correct manner. With this in mind, a team of real dedicated Teachers (4 to 5 spread all across India) plan to conduct Workshops for health providers. The workshops will be fully supported by registration fees from participants, with no sponsorships from industries/equipments/pharmaceuticals. The equipment manufacturer would be permitted to bring instruments for demonstration and given feedback to improve the quality of their product during the workshop and on continuing basis. Teaching Learning CD Rom will be provided to the participants.


If interested contact Dr. Ashok Deorari, AIIMS or Dr. Praveen Kumar, PGI, Chandigarh.

Programme for CPAP Workshop
          Duration: One day

Inauguration & introduction

  • Scientific basis
  • Evidence of use
  • Indications, C/I, Complications
  • Setting the CPAP, initiation, failure
  • Monitoring during CPAP – RDS scores
  • Art & Practice of CPAP
  • Equipment (CPAP machines Bubble, Indian,
  • Dual flow , SIPAP , pulse oximeter )
  • Nursing aspects
  • Case studies
  • Pre- requisites for good CPAP
  • How to set up services for CPAP?
  • Follow up monitoring
  • Non invasive ventilation – Current status

  Team of Faculty

  • Dr Ashok Deorari Director
  • Dr Praveen Kumar Director
  • Dr Srinivas Murki Coordinator
  • Dr Ashish Mehta , Ahmedabad
  • Dr Kanya Mukhopadhya , Chandigarh
  • Dr.Sandeep Kadam Pune
  • Dr Rishikesh Thakre Aurangabd
  • Dr Navin Jain , Kerala
  • Dr Manglabharti , Tamil Nadu
  • Dr Giridhar , Tamil Nadu
  • Dr Suman Rao , Bangalore
  • Dr Rajiv Agarwal , Bangalore
  • Dr H Venaktesh , Bangalore
  • Dr Ashish Jain , Delhi
  • Dr Ramesh Agawal , Delhi
  • Dr Venkat , Chandigarh
  • Dr Sajan Saini , Chandigarh
  • Dr Jeeva Sankar , Delhi
  • Dr Anu Thukral, Delhi
  • Dr Somasekhar , Karamsad
  • Dr Anil Patel , Rajkot
  • Dr Sheila Aiyer , Baroda